PROJECT HOPE’S MISSION IS TO PROVIDE A GRACE-FILLED PROGRAM of mentorship, training, education, and hope to women who are in the negative cycles of poverty and dependence. While in this program each woman will have established personal growth plans, a mentor to help them reach goals, and be given accountability check points so they become self-sufficient and improve the lives of their families.

The program also provides an opportunity for volunteers to share their gifts and talents with women in need. Project Hope provides a stop gap program to support the needs of women in crisis who are not aware of or who do not currently fit the profile of existing social agencies. It serves women 18 years or older in crisis who, with transformational assistance, can fulfill their hope of becoming self-sufficient and improve the lives of their families. Volunteers also grow personally through their experiences in coaching.

Project Hope also serves the community at large. Personal growth plans are established, coaches assigned to help the participant reach her goals, and accountability checks made to insure that every effort is being made on the part of the participant, the coaches, and the program to relieve the immediate crisis as well as to support the future.

For more information on Project Hope, contact Deborah Hill, 469-385-1824.