Project Hope provides a grace-filled program of mentorship, training, education, and hope to women who are in the negative cycles of poverty and dependence. While in this program each woman will have established personal growth plans, a mentor to help them reach goals, and be given accountability check points so they become self-sufficient and improve the lives of their families.


Project Hope team members are on site during regular Storehouse office hours. However, Project Hope staff may be occupied while attending to scheduled sessions with neighbors.

Meetings by Appointment Only.

Please call ahead or email to schedule an appointment.

Neighbors (Clients)

Project Hope provides a stop gap program to support the needs of women in crisis who are not aware of or who do not currently fit the profile of existing social agencies. We serve women 18 years or older in crisis who, with transformational assistance, can fulfill their hope of becoming self-sufficient and improve the lives of their families.

Each neighbor who comes to Project Hope will undergo an intake in order for our Project Hope team to determine the level of support needed:

Level 1, "Harbor" - Basic Needs (food, clothing, etc.) and Community Support

Level 2, "Oasis" - Focused Assistance for Short Term Needs

Level 3, "Passage" - Year-Long Relationship-based Transformational Program

Additional Programs

Fruits of the Spirit Yoga

As part of Project Hope's holistic approach to wellness, we offer a weekly yoga class free to participants. Volunteers are welcome to attend. We enourage volunteers who are financially able to provide a donation to support Project Hope. 

For more information on our yoga class, contact our wonderful volunteer yoga instructor, Kellye Abernathy

Waking Up to Peace Workshop

Community is an essential aspect of long-term transformation. Once a month, Deborah Hill, LPC-S, our Director of Project Hope, leads a workshop that focuses on finding balance in relationships. 

The workshop is free and usually takes place on the third Saturday of each month. Contact Deborah Hill for more details. 


Project Hope provides an opportunity for volunteers to share their gifts and talents with women in need. Many of our volunteers report experiencing significant personal growth through their experiences in coaching and "journeying alongside" their participant. Volunteers support our participants by serving as:

Lead PHriend (Mentor):
One volunteer is assigned to each participant as their primary "PHriend" and advocate in the year-long program. The Lead PHriend meets weekly with the participant to discuss goals and to be a support in the transformation journey. 

Money Habits PHriend: 
One volunteer, usually an individual with extensive financial expertise, provides support to increase the participant's financial literacy and to work on specific skills such as budgeting, debt-reduction, and so on. 

Mental Health Support: 
A mental health counselor (LPC or LMFT) is assigned to provide counseling services pro bono (at no cost) to the participant over the course of the year-long program. The purpose of counseling is to address any history of trauma, relational conflicts, and/or emotional challenges.

Additional "PHriends": 
Occasionally, the participant identifies specific areas in which she might desire growth (e.g. career development, education, spirituality, physical wellness, etc.). An additional volunteer can be assigned to support the participant when appropriate.

For more information on Project Hope, contact Deborah Hill, 469-385-1824.

Read what one of our volunteers has to say about his training experience - "My Project Hope Training Journey: A Volunteer's Perspective" by Larry Maguire.