Our Team, A-Z by First Name

Alison Jacob
Operations Coordinator

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Benjamin Skye
Director of Communications & Culture

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Candace Winslow
Executive Director

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Christi Ferrell
Director of Joseph's Coat

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Jackie Welchman
Director of Project Hope

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Jacque Devonport
Director of Volunteer Services

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Jason McWilliams
Director of Security
CSC Security

Jeff Morton
Director of Operations

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Josh Stevens
Director of Seven Loaves

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Ligia Urrego
Director of Storehouse Academy

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Margarita Garcia
Joseph's Coat Coordinator

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Maria Pineda
Neighbor Care Coordinator

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Nancy Mendez
Project Hope Case Manager

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Pam East
The Academy Coordinator

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Rochelle Ross
Team Administrator

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Ruby Gibke
Seven Loaves Coordinator

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Shirley Larson

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Susan Gradick
Asst. Director of Joseph's Coat

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Our DEI Statement

The Storehouse of Collin County is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment where all neighbors, volunteers, and staff feel respected and valued regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation or identity, disability, education, or any other bias.

We treat each person we encounter as having value and a unique perspective to maintain fair and equal treatment for all.

We are committed to being nondiscriminatory and providing equal opportunities for employment, volunteering, and advancement in all areas of our work.

We are committed to constant education of our staff and Board to understand how to maintain and strengthen our work environment.

Best Places to Work 2021: Dallas Business Journal

The Storehouse of Collin County has been recognized as one of the top 100 places to work in North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal

We are so proud of our team and so honored to receive this recognition. To learn more about this award, click here.

Team Directory, By Department

Candace Winslow, Executive Director


Operations Team

Jeff Morton, Director of Operations

Alison Jacob, Operations Coordinator

Maria Pineda, Neighbor Care Coordinator

Rochelle Ross, Team Administrator


Volunteer Services

Jacque Devonport, Director of Volunteer Services


Communications & Culture

Ben Skye, Director of Communications & Culture



Shirley Larson, Bookkeeper


Seven Loaves Food Pantry

Josh Stevens, Director of Seven Loaves

Ruby Gibke, Seven Loaves Coordinator


Joseph's Coat Clothing Closet

Christi Ferrell, Director of Joseph's Coat

Susan Gradick, Asst. Director of Joseph's Coat

Margarita Garcia, Joseph's Coat Coordinator


Project Hope Neighbor Care

Jackie Welchman, Director of Project Hope

Nancy Mendez, Project Hope Case Manager


The Academy Education Program

Ligia Urrego, Director of The Academy

Pam East, The Academy Coordinator



Jason McWilliams, Director of Security