Fun Fact

Did you know? 

It would take 46 fifty-three feet long semi trucks to haul all the food Seven Loaves provided to families in our community in 2017.

That's a LOT of trucks!

The Impact of Seven Loaves

For four consecutive months in 2017, from August through December, our food pantry served over 1,000 families. We are now officially averaging over 1,000 families a month, up from 900 in 2016.

Here are some additional numbers that capture our impact in 2017:

In 2012, we served 3,326 families and provided a total of 326,873 lbs of food. Seven Loaves has grown steadily over the past five years.

This past year (2017), we served 11,866 families and provided 1,726,187 lbs of food. 

In addition to canned goods and non-perishable food items, Seven Loaves  sources and provides fresh meats and produce through strategic partnerships. These partnerships allow us to put together a cart of food for $5.10

A conservative estimate based on comparing prices with similar food items at low-cost grocery retailers puts the average value per cart of food we provide at $92.00 (per family per visit).

When totaling the cumulative impact of our food output, Seven Loaves's provided approximately $963,361 worth of food to our community. (Estimate based on average value of food items received per visit multiplied by total number of families served.) 

That's almost ONE MILLION dollars in groceries for 2017!

The MISSION of Seven Loaves and The Storehouse would be impossible without the time and energy provided by our wonderful volunteers. 

In 2017, we recorded approximately 4,840 volunteers providing 17,973 hours in service to our food pantry. 

Our mission is to continue serving as a safety net for families facing the threat of food insecurity in Collin County "until there is no more need."

Be a part of this movement to transform our community! Click on the "Volunteer" or "Donate" button above to contribute to The Storehouse of Collin County today.