We Got Up and Gave! Thank You!

Thanks to YOU - we celebrated another historic, record-breaking, North Texas Giving Day on 9.19.19! After 18 hours, we received 335 donations for a grand total of $151,528 raised towards our mission!

We are overwhelmed by the amazing support shown by our community for The Storehouse. Thank you all so much for your extravagant generosity!

North Texas Giving Day 2019 Highlights

  • We raised $151,528 - our biggest Giving Day total to date.

  • We secured our $15,000 challenge fund.

  • We received 335 donations - our highest number of gifts ever.

  • We ended the day at #1 on the leaderboards for medium organizations...

  • ...and #19 overall out of 2,988 participating organizations in North Texas.

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Our North Texas 2019 Challenge:

In 2018, our community gave generously and helped us collectively raise $100,392 in 18 hours! This year, a group of donors have challenged us to #GetUpAndGive again in a BIG way. 

If we can match our total of $100,000 from 2018, we will secure an additional $15,000 in funds, making this the BIGGEST North Texas Giving Day in Storehouse history!

Scroll down to watch our video series and hear from our team members on why they choose to give time and money to The Storehouse. You can also learn more about each of our programs and how your donations directly contribute to transforming our neighbors' lives!  Ready to give? 

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North Texas Giving Day 2019 Series: Who Is My Neighbor?

Our video series finale "The Neighbors" is now available! 

This week, we wrap up our story series by looking at how great things happen when our community comes together to give generously:

Narrator: Ben

This week's video was narrated by Ben Skye, our Director of Communications & Culture. Ben joined The Storehouse team in May 2017. Today, he is responsible for telling The Storehouse story and sharing it with our community.


“Because I know that I would not have made it this far in life without the generosity and kindness of others. Giving is a powerful practice that resets my focus and reminds me to count my blessings." - Ben

Follow The Action: 9.19.19

We will be providing live updates throughout the day via our social media channels, follow along:

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Chapter Four: The Stranger

Published 9.11.2019

There is great joy in witnessing the generosity of a community inspired to give. 

Narrator: Debbie

This week's video was narrated by Debbie Vice, our Director of Joseph's Coat. Debbie was one of the founding members of our clothes closet and has led the program on a volunteer basis for the past 9 years.


“Because I believe in everything we do and constantly see a growing need in our community." - Debbie

Joseph's Coat

A $50 gift helps 3 children stay warm with winter coats from our Joseph's Coat clothing closet. 

Joseph's Coat

Chapter Three: The Stranger

Published 9.2.2019

Love challenges us to redefine the word "neighbor." What does the word neighbor mean to you?

Narrator: Terry

This week's video was narrated by Terry Breedlove, our Director of Seven Loaves and Chief Financial Officer. Terry has been managing the operations of our food pantry since Spring 2012.


“Because upon realizing what God has given to me, I am compelled to pass that gift of grace along to others." - Terry

Seven Loaves

A $100 gift provides 4 families with approximately 2 weeks of groceries through our Seven Loaves Food Pantry:

Seven Loaves

Chapter Two: The "Heroes"

Published: 8.26.19

Fear can easily harden us to the needs of our neighbors. Which question do we ask ourselves when faced with the fear of helping others?

Narrator: Deborah

This week's video was narrated by Deborah Hill LPC-S, our Director of Project Hope. Deborah has led our Project Hope Program since May 2012.


“Because I love our community and I have a passion for sharing hope with our neighbors in crisis." - Deborah

Project Hope

A $250 gift provides 4 Professional Counseling Sessions offered free of charge to the women served by Project Hope. Learn more about the program:

Project Hope

Chapter One: The Traveler

Published: 8.19.2019

You might have heard this story before. How does this story challenge our definition of what it means "to be a neighbor?"


Narrator: Jacque

Our Chapter One video was narrated by Jacque Devonport, our Director of Volunteer Services. Jacque has served at The Storehouse since November 2013.


“Because I love what The Storehouse does for our community and serving our neighbors fills my heart with joy." - Jacque


Storehouse Volunteers

Our volunteers are the hands and feet that fulfill our mission. If you have not volunteered with us, we would love to have you!


Scheduled Giving Starts on 9.9.19!!

Scheduled Giving starts on 9.9.19. Head over to our North Texas Giving Day 2019 page to schedule your gift now!

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