Recap: North Texas Giving Day 2018

Our team is still in absolute awe at the extraordinary response we received from our community on North Texas Giving Day 2018!

We want to share with you the exhilarating, record-shattering, history-making 18 hours we experienced on September 20, 2018. 


We started the day at 6AM having already raised 45% of our $62,000 goal for 2018 thanks to scheduled giving. Three hours into the day, we surpassed our total last year of $40,271 at 9AM.

As our team huddled around the work room tracking North Texas Giving Day and thanking each donor in real time, we had a sense that this year was going to be A BIG YEAR.

What we did not expect, was just HOW BIG it would get.



By 3:15PM, we hit our $62,000 goal which meant our community had helped us secure the additional $10,000 CHALLENGE GRANT bringing our total for the day to over $72,000 before rush hour traffic even started!

Our team was ecstatic! Not only was every additional gift coming in a record-setting dollar, we were well on our way to DOUBLING what we had raised the previous year! Sure enough, by 9PM, we doubled what we raised of 2017!


As we tallied up the total for the final 12:00AM update, we made Storehouse history together for North Texas Giving Day 2018 by raising a whopping $92,392 in 18-hours! WOW!

But the story did not end there - the next morning, we received a phone call from a generous donor informing us that their company was matching their gift with an additional $8,000 - which brings our total raised to:


...making this our FIRST EVER six-figure North Texas Giving Day total!

Here are some additional facts and figures from North Texas Giving Day 2018:

  • 2,690 non-profit organizations participated in the event. The Storehouse came in at #52 (based on the $92,392 raised by midnight) for total amount raised - which means we are in the top 2% for total funds raised in 2018.
  • Among medium organizations, The Storehouse came in #7 for total raised; and #10 for total number of gifts with 238 donations
  • From the top 10 medium organizations for amount raised, The Storehouse had the highest number of donations (238). This tells us that we have a big community of supporters who all gave generously.


Epilogue: Writing the Future

Over the past month, you have read a sample of stories we have helped write here at The Storehouse. On behalf of our neighbors, we want to express a deep, heartfelt gratitude for your remarkable generosity. 

Our communities are indeed stronger together when neighbors serve neighbors. You have helped us make history this North Texas Giving Day, but even more importantly, you have ensured that we have the resources to create a better tomorrow for so many of our neighbors. 

Thank you so much for helping us write the future!

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