In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, The Storehouse of Collin County has modified our Seven Loaves Food Pantry Service to an outside, walk up  distribution model through August 31. We will continue serving our neighbors with staff and volunteer team leaders only through the month of August.

Read more about our updated operations and volunteer processes below:
*Last Updated at 1:04 PM on Frdiday, July 31, 2020.

News & Press Releases

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North Texas Giving Tuesday Now: Thank You

The Storehouse participated in #NorthTexasGivingTuesdayNow 2020 on May 5 to raise funds for our response to COVID-19 and beyond. Thanks to all the generous donors in North Texas, we raised $146,920 towards our mission to "feed, clothe, and care!"

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Major Considerations for Modified Operations

CDC Recommendation: The Storehouse is following the CDC's counsel to slow the transmission of coronavirus. To learn more about the CDC's counsel click here

Neighbor & Volunteer Safety: The safety of our neighbors and dedicated volunteer base is of utmost importance and considering the evolving information during this period, we are intentionally choosing to take the safest, most prudent approach to protect our volunteers.

Building Closure: St. Andrew United Methodist Church, which houses The Storehouse operations, has closed the church building through August 31.

Questions About COVID-19?

If you have any questions about COVID-19, visit the CDC website for more information and frequently asked questions. For more information about developments locally and within the state of Texas, check out the COVID-19 Page on the Texas Department of State Health Services' website.

Do You Need Food? Food Pantry Information

Despite these changes in our regular operations, we will continue to serve our neighbors through our Seven Loaves Food Pantry in two ways:

  1. Modified Distribution Model: Between now and August 31, we will continue our modified distribution of food to our neighbors during our regular service times on Thursdays (4:00 - 6:00 PM) and Saturdays (9:00 - 11:00 AM). Pre-packaged food bags will be distributed to our neighbors in an outside, walkup model to limit person-to-person contact.  Neighbors will not enter the building, nor will they congregate together.  Storehouse staff and volunteer team leaders will serve on our distribution and preparation days.

  2. Continuing Collaborations with Partners: We will continue delivery to the offsite organizations we collaborate with to serve those in need - e.g., E3 Ministries, Nexus Ministries.

Our Service Calendar

Click here for our latest service calendar.

Please help us spread the word on our food distribution to anyone you know who might be in need during this crisis. Follow us on social media for the latest updates:

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Joseph's Coat

Although our clothes closet, Joseph’s Coat, will remain closed through July, we will begin to accept donations via drop off at the outdoor clothing bin in the St. Andrew United Methodist north parking lot. At this time, we are asking for children’s clothing donations only. Children’s clothing – of all types and sizes – is our greatest need, and it would help us tremendously if donations were sorted into separate bags and labeled by size. 

Again, Joseph’s Coat donations will only be accepted via the outdoor bin, as the St. Andrew building remains closed through August 31. At this time, volunteer opportunities for Joseph’s Coat remain closed for the month of August and we will have further information about the opening of Joseph’s Coat in our August 28 email.

Project Hope

As we have been doing since the COVID-19 crisis began, all of our Project Hope activities are being handled under the leadership of Director Jackie Welchman. Through Jackie’s efforts, we continue to be in relationship with over 36 women directly and individually during this time, offering support in a variety of ways.

In Kind Donations: Food & Children's Clothing

We are currently only accepting food & children's clothing donations only. Our building is still closed to the general public through August 31.

Food Donations:  If you have food items that you wish to donate, please send us an email to schedule a drop off when our staff is on site. 

Clothing Donations: You are welcome to drop off the children's clothing items in our outside bin. We ask that you help us by sorting the clothing items by age and size. 

Current Items Needed

Schedule a Food Donation Drop Off

Volunteer Information: Phase I Extension

The increase of COVID-19 cases that we have seen in the last two weeks in Texas informs us that we need to continue to operate out of an abundance of caution. As such, The Storehouse has made the decision to extend Phase I of our reopening to ensure that our neighbors are fed, while keeping everyone safe. 

Our focus is to continue our reopening process in a safe, methodical and intentional manner. Here are our next steps between now and August 31:

Food Pantry: Our Seven Loaves food pantry will remain in an outside, walkup distribution model managed by Storehouse staff and Team Leader volunteers through the month of August. 

Team Leader Shifts: Between now and August 31, we will operate our Seven Loaves Food Pantry utilizing staff members and Team Leader volunteers only. 

Email Invitations: At this time, the number of volunteer opportunities will be limited in number, volunteer shift opportunities will be extended by email invitation only to our volunteer Team Leaders.

Returning Volunteers: Due to the volatility of COVID-19 numbers in Texas, we are postponing reopening volunteer opportunities to all returning volunteers through the end of August. As with all aspects, this plan is subject to change based on COVID-19. 

New Volunteers: We are currently unable to accept new volunteer sign ups. We apologize for the inconvenience and we look to update you further on new volunteer signups in our August 28 email. 

Joseph's Coat: Volunteer opportunities for Joseph's Coat will remained closed for the month of July. We will have further information about the opening of Joseph's Coat in our August 28 email. 

Mandatory Waiver: As we move forward, all volunteers will be asked to sign a new volunteer waiver when they return to volunteer at The Storehouse. This waiver is a requirement to volunteer. Volunteers under the age of 18 will need a parent to sign the volunteer waiver on their behalf.

Health & Safety: We ask all volunteers to assess their health risk and make their decision to volunteer based on their personal circumstances. All volunteers will be asked to follow new safety protocols which include washing hands before entering the pantry space, wearing masks and wearing gloves. Sanitization will continue to be of paramount focus. We ask that if you feel ill in any way or have had a temperature within 72 hours of your volunteer shift, you stay at home.

All our latest updates as we continue to move forward will be posted to this page so check back often. We hope to send the next formal update to you on Friday, August 28.

Behind-The-Scenes Videos


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