This is our fifth North Texas Giving Day – every year, generous individuals in our community have contributed financially to support our mission to feed, clothe and care for our neighbors in Collin County.

Thank you to our wonderful donors and volunteers who help us INCREASE OUR IMPACT each year by giving more time, energy, and resources to The Storehouse. We are excited to share with you our recap from this year's North Texas Giving Day:

Missed our North Texas Giving Day emails? Read the stories below to see the impact of your gift. 

Journey Through Our Neighborhood

This is the story of the neighborhood we are building together. It is a story of a community coming together to support those who need a helping hand. It is a story of kindness, compassion, respect, and dignity. It is also a story of resilience, perseverance, and grit. 

These stories are OUR STORIES.

Chapter One: A Safety Net

Jen and José both work full-time to support their two young children. Jen's aging mother recently moved in with them due to her poor health. Despite two incomes, the family had fallen on hard times due to Rosie's medical costs. Jen and José were relieved to receive support from Seven Loaves Food Pantry, a program of The Storehouse. The money saved from groceries helped offset some of the economic burdens and provided them with a safety net from further financial troubles. 

Jen and José live in our neighborhood. They are one of over 1,000 families who depend on our Seven Loaves Food Pantry to combat food insecurity each month. 

Chapter Two: The Thick of Winter

Johnny* recently received custody of his three young children after their mother was no longer able to provide care. Johnny came to Joseph’s Coat in the thick of winter because he did not have weather-appropriate attire for his little ones. At The Storehouse, Johnny watched and smiled as his three children picked out gently used winter coats that fit them. As an added bonus, each child was ecstatic to go home with a warm coat in their favorite color!

Johnny and his children are a few of the 10,480 individuals who received clothing items from Joseph's Coat in 2017. Many neighbors like Johnny's family depend on Joseph's Coat to have weather appropriate attire to get through the harsh winter months.  

Chapter Three: Courage to Heal

Linda mustered up the courage to leave her physically and emotionally abusive partner two years ago. She moved to Collin County with her son Sam from a different city in order to rebuild her life. At Project Hope, Linda was able to open up with a professional counselor to begin healing from her trauma and childhood sexual abuse. She had suffered in silence with shame for decades. Paired with an understanding mentor and financial coach, Linda is on course to establishing healthier relationships, meeting personal career goals, and achieving economic stability.

Linda is one of 100 women Project Hope advocates for each year. Participants in our year-long transformational program benefit from being a part of a supportive community.

The Next Chapter: Stronger Together

Two anonymous donors have recognized that indeed The Storehouse is stronger together. To motivate us all to a new level of collective strength, these generous donors offer all of us this CHALLENGE:

If everyone reading this page gives so that we collectively meet our goal of $62,000, The Storehouse will receive an additional $10,000 in a challenge grant! 

Together, we have the opportunity to raise $72,000 in ONE DAY. Help us get there with your gifts today.