Project Hope 2018: A Year of Integrity

Our transformational program gears up for another year of creating positive change through relationships. "Integrity" will be the core value we work towards for all those involved in our program.

As part of the Year-Long Transformational Program, both the participant and their mentor sign a Contract for Success in which roles are identified and agreed upon.  The Project Hope “Contract for Success” is about accountability, commitment to one other,  personal growth and serving the community. In our experience, when integrity is consistently encouraged, practiced and modeled lives are TRANSFORMED. 

Project Hope encourages participants and volunteers mentors alike to practice integrity by STAYING TRUE and FOLLOWING THROUGH on commitments.  Likes cogs that move in tandem to support a well-oiled mechanism, participants, PHriends (advocates, mentors, and counselors) and staff members work together to achieve optimal performance. Every individual within the program agrees to a role in the other’s spiritual, mental and emotional growth process.  Authenticity, intention and follow through ensures that the Project Hope experience is rich, empowering, challenging and transformational.  

To learn more about the program and how you can get involved, contact Deborah Hill, 469-385-1824.